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 Order of the Assassins

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PostSubject: Order of the Assassins   Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:51 am

Basically this is a rp based in the Assasins creed universe. For those of you who have not played assassins creed, here is how the story goes. Their are several games each set in its own timeline. The last game to come out was Assassins Creed 3 based in the American Revolution/French-Indian War time so thats where this RP will take place. The Templars are the sworn enemy of the assassins and will do anything to stop them. The Brotherhood is a secret guild full of assassins trained by master assassin Altair.

So here we go.

I am glad that you would like to assist us in the fight against the Templars. We need all the help we can get if we want to win these century long war. It is quite impressive for a civillian like you to find our hideout. I hope you weren't followed...it doesn't seem like it though. It's time you know what this place is. This is the Assassins guild. The assassins guild is a secret society devoted to bringing peace and to stop the Templars from taking away the worlds freedom. We have been active since the 1400's. We do not know who exactly started the guild...but we know one of the leaders was a Master Assassin by the name of Altair. He trained and kept the Brotherhood going. His descendant, Ezio then took his spot after his death. Ezio continued the legacy. I am one of the only assassins left. I am currently training one of Ezios descendants. His name is Connor. He is out to stop the Templars at the moment...I barely see the boy anymore. Thats not the point. I am Achilles. What is your name?


A pleasure to meet you! I know you want to be one of us and stop the templars...but your just a citizen and I canno't trust you completely yet. Head out to Boston and prove to me that your worth being in the Brotherhood.

So this RP is basically like how Heroshire was from back in LE. Go on adventure with friends, quests. Do anything! Yet at the same time stopping the Templars or...helping them? Your choice. You can help the Patriots in the war or assist the Red Coats.

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Order of the Assassins
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