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 A Mafia Story

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PostSubject: A Mafia Story   Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:46 pm


We live in a world of crime and control. The mafia control the city of Los Angeles and families are fighting to take control of the city. The Antocotti family, The Leone family and The Mcreary family control parts of the city. I have decieded to create my own group and work my way up to a Mafia group to retake the city and get rid of all the crime in it. To stop the crime, we need to create crime. The Leone family are in control of the LAPD...we can't count on them to help us. In order for us to grow and take over the other familes, we must rob, destroy or takeover small areas in the city in order to expand. We must also attack smaller gangs and take their savings or resources in order for it to help us. We must stop this madness.


1.Players are limited to 5 missions a day

2.There is only ONE Godfather and only ONE Vice-Captain.

3.Vice Captains are allowed (If they want) to go on and start their own gang BUT, they will not start as a mafia but as a normal gang like were starting now.

4.If a Vice-Captain leaves and wishes to come back to his orginal gang, he CANNO'T regain his position as Vice-Captain and must restart at the starting rank.

5.Each mission has a certain amount of money reward and will let them access special missions or special events such as: Getting closer to the Godfather(leader of the gang/Mafia) so they get a better chance at earning a promotion and move up the ranks of the gang.

6.After each mission not only do they recieve a cash reward but also recieve "Reputation exp" the higher the reputation exp the better chance they have at getting promoted.

7.There is one Godfather and every player will start off as a footsoldier which is basically the starters and as mentioned above, getting on the Godfathers good side will help you get promoted to the next rank which is Lieutenant. The Lieutenant is in charge of a group of footsoldiers and can lead them through the mission. Next is Captain. Captains will be given their own territory and if any footsoldier would like to transfer to the Captains command then they will be able to. The luienenant can own some territory too but will probaly be denied since they are just starting off. Next is Vice-Captain, he is the right hand man of the Godfather and basically second in command of the small gangs.

8.Once the gang levels up to a mafia level, there will be new ranks but those will be revealed later.

9.It IS possible to fail your mission.

10.The Godfather CAN be killed. Death of the Godfather will put the gang in "panic mode" which basically means they have no leader and cannot perform missions. The gang however can nominate a new Godfather and he will take over. Whoever was the Godfather before is now a footsoldier.

11.Please role-play a mission outgood...don't be like boom boom mission is done.

12. Players CAN go on missions together and can even form a squad if they like.

13. If you want to do a mission you must let the Godfather know and he will give you the mission details and what you need to do.

14. Have fun!


Players start with $100.

Everyone starts with 0 reputation point.

Rank requierments: Footsoldier- 0 reputation points
Lieutenant- 1000 reputation points
Captain- 10,000 reputation points
Vice-Captain- 50,000 reputation points

The above ranks may seem hard to get but the missions provided will reward a good amount of exp.

If you reach the required number of points for a rank it is still up to the Godfather's position if he wants to promote you or not.

The reason for reputation points is to show how experienced you are and how good you play out your missions.

You can buy weapons,cars, safehouse or even a buisness that will pay you at the end of each day.

You CAN get demoted if you get on the Godfather's bad side.

If you are inactive for a long time, you will start losing money and Rep points.

If you are going to be absent for awhile, please send me a pm or post it so I can put your character in pause mode.

I will post daily missions available (You can only complete a mission ONCE, IF you already completed a certain mission then you can't do it again and must do a diffrent one).

I will have the information of each player on the front page (Will edit if people join) that will say what is their reputation, how much money they have and what is their relationship with the Godfather.

Gang ranks are as followed: Starter gang- 0 EXP requiered
Gang- 5,000 EXP requiered
Well-known Gang- 50,000 EXP required
Fame Gang- 150,000 EXP required
FBI's most wanted- 250,000 EXP requiered
Mafia- 500,000 EXP requiered

The above gang requieres may seem EXTREMELY crazy but with the combined exp from all the members we should reach it in no time!


Age: (Must be 20+ in the roleplay cause were not gonna be a bunch of teens in the mafia lol)
Nationality:(Part of the roleplay)

Here is mine:

Name: Kevin Jimenez
Profession:Making allies and able to negotiate deals
Description: Black suit,spike hair,light brown eyes,tan,sunglasse(during out doors),6'4,
Backstory: I grew up in the city of Los Angeles. Born to spanish parents in a neighborhood full of gangs. I always wanted to be a cop but once the Leone family took over them, I wanted nothing to do with them. My parents decieded t move but I decieded that i wanted to stay and try to change things. I would always confront gang members trying to make them stop what their doing but, I would always get beat up and left there. I never wanted to get into the Mafia...my goal was to get rid of them and stop them from ruining this beautiful city. I would always hear gunshots at night and people yelling. Once I turned 20 I went to college for a good 4 years and got my degree. I left Los Angeles for 8 years and came back when I was 32 only to find that it was worse then what it was when I had left in my early years. Having had enough of all the violence the city had, I decieded to call some of my friends and start my own gang and work my way up to the mafia in order for me to take the other families down. The thing that I had avoided my whole life was my last resort.

--------Gang Info--------

Name: (To be decieded later)
Leader: Kevin Jimenez
Vice-Captain: Nobody yet
# of members: None yet
Rank: Starter gang
EXP: 0/5,000
Money: $1000
Information: An unknown gang started by Kevin Jimenez, a former college student who vowed to save Los Angeles from the crime that had taken over it.

This is my first RP so please tell me if theres mistakes and go easy on me--

Also if theres enough members then ill post the first batch of missions tommorow. On a rare occasion if theres enough by later TODAY then ill post them tonight!

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A Mafia Story
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