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 War is Misery

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PostSubject: War is Misery    Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:58 am

This Roleplay's main objective is to raise peoples combat Roleplaying to a higher level while having a slight story to it. The whole Roleplay with take place within combat camps and the battlefield. It will test fighting with and against other roleplayers.

Humans control all military forces with their steel and mechanical works, but their own experiments will be the death of them... Many years ago, after trying to perfect both magicka and biological warfare, two creatures of the dark were created.

Vampires from the men in the east, using curses on bats that are meant create an extreme hunger. The bats mutated and attacked the men all around and their magicka was not strong enough to ward of the rabid creatures turning them into a cross breed called vampires.

Werewolves from the men in the west, using poisons on wolves that were meant to destroy the spirit and eliminate magicka. It worked, but as a result their strength was increased and they grew huge and attacked the entire village. Turning everyone into the deadly combination called werewolf.

The vampires and werewolves have kept their hatred for each other in the dark until recently, the assassination of the highest royalty in the vampire family. Immediately blaming the werewolves, the vampires have order all out war and in between these two are the rest of the human race.

The military for each race is a tad bit different. The vampires hold an old monarchy type in which the highest military leader is the leader of the nation, the king and it goes down from there. The werewolves are more barbaric, the strongest leads them and he have one right hand man, then comes the high ranking, and the low. Humans
hold a normal military with a general, lieutenants, and so on.

To rank up! The ranking in this war is simple yet one of the hardest things yet. If you wish to move up in rank you must kill someone of the rank higher then you in one on one combat and bring their ranking emblem back to your camp. This is where I fear for god modding the most, if you make it simple to defeat a higher ranking officer then you will be given a warning and told to edit your post. If I see it again I will ask you to remove yourself from the Roleplay.

  • Follow all RP rules already set in
  • No bunnying or god modding
  • No killing unless consent from me or the other person
  • All created characters must be PMed to me first before posting
  • Please be serious!

Character sheet:
[b]Side you fight with:[/b] (Defectors are allowed but no Werewolf to vampire and vise verse)
[b]Rank:[/b] (I will assign, but please put what you request)
[b]Why you fight for this side:[/b]
[b]Back Story:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] (I want either an anime picture or a GREAT description)
UPDATES: As far as weapons go, you may use anything, but long range weapons have to be single fire. Guns are allowed such as hand cannons and muskets.
The stronger a werewolf the bigger it is and it will usually be forever in wolf form. Lycans are low ranking because they are more human then werewolf.

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Moglin Slayer


Number of posts : 192
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: War is Misery    Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:02 am

Name: Lipitoare (Called Lee)
Age: Over 100 years old
Race: Vampire
Side you fight with: Fights for the vampires
Rank: Highest ranking general.
Why you fight for this side: Was one of the original vampires, the first vampire died and passed on the his authority to Lipitoare.
Back Story: As one of the first known vampires to walk the earth, Lipitoare raided and created more and more vampires in desire to build a giant army. His many thousands of years have given him a strange personality, he likes to talk to the other vampires casually and has a good sense of humor which counter acts his deadly skills on the battle field. Lipitoare learned arcane magics in his hundreds of years on the earth. He knows many conjuration skills, especially when it comes to objects such as weapons and solid walls. Lipitoare was actually the one to start the war between the races by killing his own friend, the first vampire ever created and blamed it on the werewolves. He now commands the masses of vampires along side three other vampire generals.
Appearance: Lipitoare
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War is Misery
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