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 Ykxal: A world of order and disorder

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PostSubject: Ykxal: A world of order and disorder   Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:33 pm

The world of Ykxal, once such a peaceful place… until the peace was broken by the terrible “Black Beast”. This monster devoured everything on its path and wouldn’t stop until it had consumed everything on the planet. Humanity was doomed by a slow death; nothing could stop the beast, not even modern weaponry and technology. Humans were forced to live every day like it was their last.

That is, until six men and women stood up against the beast wielding strange weapons and using powers beyond human comprehension. But even with their powers, they could not vanquish the beast and they had to flee. Afterward they taught the world about their power, “Magic”; only a selected few could use it. But this wasn’t going to be enough to defeat the Black Beast. Luckily the remaining scientists came with a way for a normal humans to be able to use “magic”. They named it “Ars Magus”: Jewelery that granted the powers of one type of magic to the wielder. But from Ars Magus, they were also able to create “Gears”. Using the same storage system with a slight difference, they could be anything; Gears were declared to be mankind’s only hope to damage the beast.

The six heroes came with an army for the final confrontation. After days and days of intense battle, the beast fell and humanity could now live… or at least, so they thought. But mist came out of the dead body and began to contaminate the soil, and living things that came with the mist died. Mankind had to build cities on top of tall mountains to survive this new plague. Later on these cities became known as “Hierarchical Cities”. But even with the discovery of gears, mankind fell into a time of despair because of the power trip the humans developed. To stop this nonsense, brave men and women created the “Equilibrium,” who acted both as police and government, and fully controlled the production of Ars Magus and Gears. It didn’t take long before this madness stopped and order was restored in the Hierarchical cities.

100 years later, life was normal; the mist began to dissipate and vegetation returned to the dead land. New small towns began building; this was a true age of prosperity for men. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going last long.

Our story begins in the small Asiatic district of the 16th Hierarchical, more commonly called Midgar.


Name : If you need an explanation on that, I'd suggest you see a doctor

Age : Really...

Appearance : What your character looks like.

Gear :
-Name: What your gear is called?
-Sleep-mode appearance: What it looks like when you're not using it?
-Active-mode appearance: What it looks like when you are using it?

Ars Magus:
-Name: What is it called?
-Effect: What kind of magic does it let you use?
-Appearance: What is it and how/where do you wear it?

A Number between 1 and 1000:

Backstory (Optional but adds depth to the char):


Name : ???

Age : ???

Appearance : Like him

Gear :
-Name: Ouroboros
-Sleep-mode appearance: A simple chain hanging near his right ankle
-Active-mode appearance: Two 5 meter long chains with a snake head at the end, hidden in both sleeves.

Ars Magus:
-Name: Serpent's blessing
-Effect: Allows the use of acid-based close-range attacks. Still the acid is not powerful enough to dissolve anyone in 1 shot.
-Appearance : A bracelet of two snake biting each others tails

A Number between 1 and 1000: 659

Backstory (Optional but adds depth to the char): Not much is known about him other the fact that he's a Class-S criminal and that the Equilibrium hunts him endlessly.
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Ykxal: A world of order and disorder
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