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An archive of the good and bad times between a small group of teenagers
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hey there
hey there

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PostSubject: Update   Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:45 pm

This is just a quick update on what exactly is going on. hopefully, it'll make my life a little easier and help me solve any issues a little faster. note that i'm still gone, i'm just back for a bit to do my admin thing.

Nat's original account is now known as Founder. only i know its password now (though once max gets back i'll send it to him), so only i can access it. this account will be used rarely, and it won't be used for posting anytime soon.

if any problems arise with the forum, if any drama refuses to die, if anyone breaks a rule and needs to be punished, pm Founder about it and i'll get to it as soon as i can. for everything else, you can still pm this account about it, but founder's pms get more priority.

that's everything. thanks for cooperating.
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