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 Kisa's story

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PostSubject: Kisa's story   Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:26 am

this is more for future reference for me, but feel free to comment and critique anyways. Razz

this tells the story of my awesome bird-thing, kisa. yay for bird-things.


Kisa is a member of a race known as the Feathered Wyverns. These animals are intelligent but have a very hard time learning how to speak English, or any language not comprised of twitters, squeaks, and other bird-y noises. They can, however, write in English if taught properly, and they can also understand it. The Wyverns call themselves Fetherverna (fee-ther-VEHR-na), and they live in small groups of 10 or less known as colonies. They mate for life, and most only have one hatchling throughout their lifetimes. Most wyverns don't have the feathery antennae Kisa has, and in fact, until she was hatched, there was only one wyvern with them: her mother, Eleska.

Eleska was a proud but kind wyvern, but no matter how many males tried to become her mate, she rejected them all, only making her more desirable. She was beautiful, with bright feathery antenna and vibrant purple feathers. She also wore a necklace comprised of 3 diamond-shaped ornaments, which made a pretty tinkling noise when she moved. Despite her beauty, she was a wild, nomadic wyvern and did not belong to any colony.

One day, Eleska got an urge to find a mate and began roaming from colony to colony, searching, though none knew what she was looking for. Each time, without fail, all of the males flocked to her, squabbling over the privilege to be with her. Each time, she rejected them all. She traveled for weeks, visiting every colony in the area, eventually coming to the very last colony within 50 miles from her chosen home.

When she landed, there was the usual avalanche of males, but she ignored them all. She was about to take off when she heard a low cooing. Curious, she walked over to an area off to the side, noticing a lone male sitting at an awkward angle. He hissed softly at her when she approached, lifting his wing a little to show what had occurred: he had been nearly trampled by the other males, twisting his ankle badly. Eleska felt sorry for him, and the two remained by each other, discussing their lives and ambitions.

The wyvern that had attracted Eleska's attention was Kazhryn, a relatively plain male with brown feathers and a plain hazel tail. However, what he lacked in looks he made up for with personality. He was a quiet, thoughtful wyvern that didn't like to associate with the other males, and oftentimes got left behind during mating season. However, this was the first time his actions led him into trouble. His ankle was badly hurt, and it could get infected if it couldn't be healed. Eleska rather liked the quiet wyvern and decided to try and help him.

Being a very intelligent species, the wyverns often attracted researchers from Windryn's cities. Most of the time, those researchers just observed a colony for a few days and then left, but one of them decided to go off the beaten path. Eleska knew the scientist had been following her and studying her for a few days, and one day she had actually followed her back to her strange campsite, just to look around. She had seen the scientist hurt herself in her workstation that day, and took careful note of the white bag the woman had gone to. Before, the researcher was a bit of a nuisance, but now, she could actually be useful.

(Will finish later)
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Kisa's story
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