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 Stuff that needs to get settled

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Nat's Dragon
Nat's Dragon

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PostSubject: Stuff that needs to get settled   Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:52 am

Maybe I'm crazy and I'm picking fights. I don't know.

But I have some issues that I feel need to be resolved.

Firstly, I want everyone to know what they post here (unless off topic) cannot get them in trouble.

Secondly, Be sure you read what other people say thoroughly.

and Thirdly, be in a proper state of mind when posting here...No anger or raging.


Lloyd's current issues

Who believes that me and Nat's opinions are biased and/or manipulative of each other? (for example she wants to do something asks me when I'd normally say no and she convinces me to say yes via relationship means) Does anyone have actual proof of this? Or is it all just normal paranoia?

What is classified as mush to everyone? can we set a universal definition so people can't complain about little stuff that's truly passable?

Other than reg, any issues with me and Nat being a couple? (this can be answered via pm to me. You're response will remain secret from Nat)

Forum issues

The forum is not a government, yes...it is a group of friends. But rules exist to maintain order and keep things as...neat and understandable as possible, or with the alternate motivation to extend the life of the forum. Are there any rules that you feel are unjust, un-needed, or just foolish? (note they may not change, we are just getting opinions)

Lloyd's personal Opinion (that is just an observation, not a issue that requires Q/A)

FVL's intended purpose was to be an escape from drama. Not to just run away when people appear that you have problems understanding or communicating with. You cannot improve relations if you do not attempt communication in the first place. That specifically should stop...though that doesn't mean you can't get on FVL to talk, just no running away from people.


PM me with issues to add here. It can be put under Anonymous' Issues, or under your own name.

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Power Abuser

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PostSubject: Re: Stuff that needs to get settled   Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:35 am


Lloyd's Issues:

1. It's not that she convinces you out of things you would normally say no for, it's that you actually do agree on most things. When you defend Nat, I think you are defending your point of view, (At least, I think that when I'm not angry), but it happens so often that we just credit you to be her second voice. Although, you tend to be more assertive and with the added motivation of protecting your girlfriend's ideas as well, giving you much added resolve. This makes it much more difficult to reason with you, especially when the resulting frustration clouds our judgement.

2. Emotes describing affectionate actions you would be doing to eachother if we were actually in a room together. This only serves purpose to either of you, and only annoys everyone else on the chatbox.
Example: * Lloyd sits next to Nat on the couch and leans his head on her shoulder

3. No.

Forum Issues:

As I cannot point of specific examples, I will stay out of this one.

Lloyd's Personal Opinion:

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hey there
hey there

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PostSubject: Re: Stuff that needs to get settled   Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:53 am

2nd admin's in da house. *pitiful confetti showers*

anyways, i'll try and answer this to the best of my ability.

lloyd's stuff:

1. he11ix pretty much got it down to a t, but i do have a couple things to add. namely, the idiotic drama that has nothing really to do with the forum. sometimes, nat and i argue. sometimes, it can be a little intense. but every. single. time, lloyd drops in, join an argument he didn't need to join, and ends up making me feel like an insensitive idiot. i kid you not, every time. it annoys me, and as such, i never feel like trying to help nat with any issues. because it makes me think that if we have a disagreement about it, lloyd's gonna pop in and totally wreck my good mood.

i understand if you want to try and mediate for us, but nat has to fight her own battles sometimes. especially if the decision we make has no importance to the group as a whole, and is about something kinda unimportant, like forum layout or something.

2. he11ix also got that one. i also dislike how when you and nat are both on the box, you often ignore the rest of us in favor of talking to nat. and you guys talk way more than you talk to the rest of le, thanks to im and texting and maple and such. it just doesn't seem fair to me, especially if you complain that you're alienated from le. it's not our faults if you ignore us in favor of nat. we will seem like totally different people if you don't talk to us regularly. but, since you seem to be working this out, i'm not too concerned about it at this point.

3. not really. pretty much explained my problems with the last 2. though i do wish you guys would be more open-minded concerning issues, like the stuff with reg. if lloyd gets upset by reg, nat starts to hate her. if nat's upset by fvl, lloyd hates it. it seems like you don't even give it a chance, but rather both of you have to dislike it if it upsets one of you. this applies to other situations as well, these are just the more recent ones. to solve issues, you gotta be open-minded, don't pick sides, and don't let emotions factor into it unless the issue has to do with emotions. otherwise, your solution's gonna end up biased, and bias often isn't very good. just my thoughts on that.

forum junk:

1. though the canadians brought it into focus, this seems to be the main problem behind all of le's drama and fights. my point of view on this is that le is a group of friends, sure, but i want it to be led fairly. fairness requires rules, listening to everyone's opinion, strong leadership. and if you try to be fair, sometimes people don't get their way. you can't just use the "group of friends" thing as an excuse to kick people out or be biased towards people that have been in the group for a while. that's just avoiding the issue rather than trying to resolve it. i'm sticking with the government side of this issue, purely because it's unbiased if you do it right, and it's the fairest option we have.

lloyd's personal thoughts:

my opinion exactly. solving problems doesn't involve running away from your issues. even if you don't think it'll make a difference, you have to try every option before you do something drastic.

btw, it's fvl, not flv. you should fix that first sentence, lloyd.
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Nat's Dragon
Nat's Dragon

Number of posts : 8879
Age : 26
Location : The corner of Freedom and Captivity

PostSubject: Re: Stuff that needs to get settled   Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:28 pm

@Fira and He11ix
In regards to 2. I will work harder on not ignoring the other people in the chatbox. I was not aware that I was doing so.

@ Fira
3...you kinda stated what the issue is I have regarding #1. you might have your timeline a little off so you think that Nat hated FVL before me (never hated it. just had problems with lots of events that occured around its creation which are now settled)...but that's not true. I formed my own opinion before I even got ahold of nat's. They just lined up...
What I'm thinking is going on is our opinions line up too often so you guys think it's caused by the other person. (however I will not state that is entirely what it is. I'm not sure about the whole reg issue you brought up)

also I apologize for emotional/mental stress I've caused while being a mediator. As such, I should not be the mediator of a disagreement nat has with someone else, I suggest Max as he is the most neutral of everyone.

Forum Junk
1. Hear hear!
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PostSubject: Re: Stuff that needs to get settled   

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Stuff that needs to get settled
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