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An archive of the good and bad times between a small group of teenagers
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PostSubject: Lakrosia   Mon May 30, 2011 12:34 am

A war has been waged for Centuries between Kendani's Heyvans and Oblivion's Shadows that would decide the rulers of the land. Right now, the Heyvans are losing, and they are trying to contact a universe that only they know about. The human universe. The Heyvans need the humans' help to stop the expansion of the Shadows before they try to conquer other universes.

Character Sheet:

Race (Human, Heyvan, Shadow):
Appearance (Also include your animal ancestor if are a Heyvan):
Weapon's Name:

Spirit Form (What your weapon's spirit looks like):

Sealed state (What item is your weapon when you aren't fighting):

Awakened State (what Your weapon looks like when fighting):


(Note: At the beginning humans won't have any Scryxed and each starting human characters are friends.)

(Another note: I'll pm the Heyvans to get the situation)

Name: Jayn Iosko
Age: 26
Race: Heyvan
Appearance: Jayn's animal ancestor is the lizard, so his body is covered with red, orange and gray scales. He wears a brown vest with a pair of black jeans and has red eyes.
Weapon's Name: Sand Hunter
Spirit Form: a small black scorpion with a long, knife-tipped tail.
Sealed state: a broken katana
Awakened State: The katana transforms into a 2-handed sword which can be split into two parts connected by a chain.
Scattered Sand- The blade's upper part splits into many small pieces that rush at the enemy


Some humans friends were gathering up at one house they were all having fun when...
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Number of posts : 1050
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PostSubject: Re: Lakrosia   Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:46 pm

If you guys wondered my RP is still up. I remember that some of you were interested

Edit: Ugh why do I even continue it's dead. It died the moment it was created
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