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 Gettin R&R

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PostSubject: Gettin R&R   Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:11 pm

yerp,im taking a vacation
not litterly,though. who takes a vacation in the middle of the semester? no,i mean a vacation from LE

obviously,not even due to recent events,iv been very angry and irrational for the majority of this year. its interfearing with my ability to run this place,making me lose control of things too easily and making my head unclear enough to continue arguments and be stubborn and not even accept that im wrong about somethin when i totally am

even with the whole cb incident. i was mad at claire and i blew up and took away the cb,then made it a punisment and stood by my decision even when i was outnumbered by the entire active population

i wont be gone forever,of course. this isnt like the attempted Admin Retirement. i wouldnt handle being away from here for long. but if i do check back every so oftain,i wont get involved or post unless ppl really need me to
in the meantime,Lloyd knows how to work my characters on RP and he knows how to twist them to fit the storyline. DK,Claire,Kiersten, and Lloyd have my phone #,and anyone with an FB knows how to contact me

little note,this isnt an act of cowardance. im not running away from my troubles. im composing myself till im strong and rational enough to get back at it without arguing or being stubborn or thinking i can face-down all of you by myself Neutral i probably wont post again for a while,but u'll see me around
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Gettin R&R
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