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 Description of the little black book

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hey there
hey there

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PostSubject: Description of the little black book   Mon May 17, 2010 9:45 pm

to those of you that don't know what the LBB (little black book) is, i'll fill you in really quick.

the LBB is a small drawing book that i used throughout 8th grade. it contains creature drawings, creature descriptions, random symbols, and the like.

now, all of these drawings are creatures and etc that exist in an imaginary country known as Windryn. windryn itself is something i made up a loooooong time ago. just know that it's VERY diverse, for a country sitting in a giant ocean that's all wrapped up in an alternate reality. k? k. now, here's what exactly windryn is, and where its located.


The country of Windryn is large, diverse, and relatively peaceful. It's filled with many different creatures, people, plants, and beliefs, which is impressive, considering that it's surrounded by a dangerous ocean. However, this country is only the tip of the rather large iceberg known as The Depths.

The Depths is an alternate reality quite close to Earth, much like our moon. The similarites end there. This world has been with Earth ever since the first intelligent life came to be, though not a single creature on Earth has ever visited it physically. It is the source of dreams, nightmares, knowledge, and creativity, among other things. You didn't think that sayings like, "To the depths of my knowledge..." just came to be on Earth, did you? Well, they didn't.

In fact, these sayings actually originate from the seven regions of The Depths, each one generically referred to as a depth (no capitalization, that's how you tell). Three depths are located in The Depths' massive ocean, Daien, and are responsible for three traits people have on Earth, complexity, thought, and emotion. Two depths are spread out over the country of Windryn and the large island chain to the west of it. Windryn is the depth of creativity, and the islands, known as the Saitene Keys, are the depth of knowlege.

The final two depths are in The Depths' own alternate reality, known as The Extent. These ethereal depths are the strangest and most corruptive depths of them all. The depth of fear is in the darker half of The Extent, and is the larger of the two. This depth is the one that creates monsters, demons and nightmares. The other, smaller, and lighter depth is the depth of dreams. This depth is responsible for the daydreams, normal dreams, and hope. The Extent and The Depths are constantly growing, until once every thousand years or so, they collide, increasing the amount of nightmares and unexplained things on Earth for a single week as The Extent's residents crash down to The Depths. Afterwards the two realities begin to shrink, and the cycle starts again.

Some people have managed to tap into The Depths, in a process known as "connecting." This process creates Earth's psychics, painters, and some writers, allowing them to harness some of The Depths' powers for their own use. These "connected ones" have found and wrote about many of The Depths' different creatures and ideas for Earth to see, however, these are often dismissed as daydreams...

so? how was that long story thing?
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PostSubject: Re: Description of the little black book   Mon May 24, 2010 12:14 pm

2 thumbs up,Clairy Very Happy it was dark,but awesome

on a side note,i used to have a BBN(big blue notebook) that is somewhat like ur LBB in 4th grade
i dunno where it is now,though
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Description of the little black book
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